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Time for a long overdue update, so let's get started! First up, is a full sized Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' display, I put together for the April Monsterpalooza show in LA! All the figures are made from silicone, and I even tracked down the original make of Tricycle, original Typewriter, and even had the patterned carpet custom made for this tribute display! You can find more photos of the Shining display in the Horror' Section! Second up is a full sized Boris Karloff '31 Frankenstein's Monster portrait also done in silicone, you'll find more photos of this one in the Horror Section! Next we go back in time for a Michael J. Fox 'Marty McFly' full sized Torso! This Marty McFly Torso is based on the famous 'Back To The Future' poster art, even included is a custom 'Delorean' themed stainless steel light up base! Check out the full set of photos in the Adventure Section! Fourth up... "Say hello to my little friend"! A full sized Tony Montana 'Scarface' silicone bust... including his Cheetah Beretta with silencer and some serious cash! Check out more of this one in the Adventure Section! And finally, check out the 'Horror' Section for a few pictures a silicone gray scale 'Young Frankenstein' Peter Boyle "Puttin on the Ritz" Bust! That's it for now, but check back soon, I have plenty of new characters in the works!


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